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12 Essentials You Must Keep in Your Nexa Car in this Winter

12 Essentials You Must Keep in Your Nexa Car in this Winter

Have you started enjoying the chilling sensation in the air? Winter is just around the corner. Winter gets decked up with a variety of sumptuous food items and some of the best looking clothes of all-time.

Also, winter is the season while we need some precaution to get ourselves from getting cold-caught. Here the best Nexa showroom in Ranchi puts some cool advice on board on keeping some essentials inside your car while driving.

Winter is the season when cars start doing hanky-panky at large. It can get stuck in the middle of the road for several hours. While buying Nexa cars from any authorized Nexa Showroom, the salespeople will always give you a proper guideline about the essentials which you must carry in the winters while driving your favourite Maruti Suzuki Nexa car.

Here they are

  1. Jumper cables: You can’t move an inch if your battery doesn’t respond. Keep jumper cables there inside your car to avoid this unmoving hazard (all the time). These will immediately add life to your battery.

  2. Battery blanket: A battery blanket is the most neglected essential by the Nexa car users. Though if you ask any expert at our Nexa Showroom in Ranchi they will forever ask you to take it along on your drive especially for the winters.

    Be it a Nexa car from Maruti Suzuki brand or any other luxury car, batteries take a longer time to get heated in winters. Here you need a battery blanket for serving warmth to the battery.

  3. Extra vehicle fluid: Window glasses, wipers, and even car locks lose the moisture level in winter. Which reflects in their ability to perform.

    There are multiple companies in the market which sell vehicle fluid. Besides, you can also make it your own by 50:50 mix of fluid and water.

    You never know when need it. It’s better if you make stock in your garage before things get cold.

  4. Flashlight: The northern part in India has been in the headlines for ‘smog’ before and during the winters. Basically, winter is the season when we rejoice in fog and mist.

    A flashlight, therefore, is a must-keep essential for all the car users. In less daylight, you can easily find and fix issues with the help of this flashlight.

  5. Snow salt: While driving on the Indian roads in the winter, some of the major mishaps cause due to the slippery surface of the roads.

    Here comes the utility of snow salt. A pinch of snow salt on the tyres makes them dehydrated. It also protects those from getting perilous.

  6. AAA approved emergency escape tool: In case of any mishap, it’s better to become a little preventive with a cheap tool-kit in the glove box. A car hammer and seatbelt cutter are easy on the pocket. These little things can turn out to be the biggest life-savers.

  7. A first-aid kit: You never know when you need it or maybe anyone needs it on road. For major/minor injuries a first-aid kit is the best thing to have at reach.

  8. A versatile shovel: Definitely, you won’t want to travel along with a giant size shovel inside the car. But, certainly, you need a compact yet versatile shovel to get rid of unfortunate road hazards.

  9. Gloves: Being a top-class Nexa showroom in Ranchi, we would always suggest you carry a pair of good quality winter gloves. In case your car breaks down, you can do things like tyre removal, small part fix, towing faster on your own.

  10. Ice scraper: Winter is the ideal time to visit hill stations. Don’t just go to the hill stations. Instead, drive to the hill stations. Take the excitement to a different level.

    Drive all the way in your own Maruti Suzuki Nexa car.

    While driving to the exotic icy locations you need to be a little prepared for the trip as well. Store ice-scraper in your the dicky so that you can make your way smoother. So, the ice-scraper is always a good investment.

  11. Whistle: A whistle is not something really heavy to carry. When in danger, a whistle performs better than throwing your hands and legs in the air. It can do a smart job to get all the rescuers to reach on the spot.

  12. A two rope: By any chance, if your car gets stuck in the hurdles a rope can pull your car out. It can also be useful for any other car that needs help. You see a little sharing is always cool.

Do you have something else in your mind that we are skipping?

Write down in the comment section.

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Things to do before buying a Nexa Car from Showroom

6 Things to Know Before You Go For Buying A Nexa Car From Showroom

Have you finalized your car? Very good. So, it’s a Nexa car then. Awesome choice! But do you know that there are certain things that auto dealers usually hide from their customers? Additionally, there some key features of a Nexa car that you must know before visiting any Nexa showroom.

Maruti Suzuki Nexa cars are the top-brass from the automobile manufacturer Maruti. Mostly people goof up between these two brand identification.

Buying a car is indeed a one milestone decision which encloses a chain of emotions. Amidst the whirl, people tend to forget a few things which lead to losing a substantial amount post-purchase.

6 Tips For The First Time Buyers Of Maruti Suzuki Nexa Cars To Get The Best Deal.

Firstly, when you have made up your mind for purchasing a car of Nexa brand, it has to get purchased from an authorized showroom. This one decision gets you the best discounts and benefits on your choice of the car.

Now let’s focus on how to crack a smarter purchase deal with the maximum buyer benefits.

  1. Know your car: Before you end up booking any Maruti Suzuki Nexa cars, you must put a torch on your requisites. A little research holds the water much longer.

    Just Google about it to get more and more information about the car that you choose. Apart from the specifications, the search will also return with the details of dealers and showrooms nearby with the best offer available.

  2. Know about the pre-finance options: Suppose you have finalized a car from an authorized Nexa car dealer, they will give you a choice multiple financing options.

    Don’t just end up blatantly signing them off. Always remember dealership interest rates are much higher than that of banks and MFCs. For, banks and credit unions would be the ideal place to borrow your car loan from. Also, borrowing from banks and credit unions can get you “ relationship discounts.”

    Here also, you need to go online and search the available car loan interest rates. Whenever you get a quote from any financial institution, get it in writing. Before getting into a deal put these papers in front of the dealer so that you could get the best leverage prior to the best negotiation.

  3. Negotiating terms: Buying a car is the second most crucial decision after a ‘home purchase’. But keep this in mind that purchasing a car is not an investment which would return a profit on its sale.

    When you are investing in a car it means you are blocking that amount of money for the next 4-5 years. Alongside, you also want that car to give you the best possible service.

    Salespeople will give their quotes. Always negotiate to bring the purchase amount down. It will help you in your loan repayment cycle. Suppose, the salesperson gives you an offer which has a monthly payment of a certain amount based on a 60-month tenure; tell them you want the same payment for 48 months’ period. So, prepare your negotiation strategy according to that.

  4. Consider both the new and used cars: So, you want to buy a Nexa car, have you checked the used one too? The significance of saying is a used car can (good condition) also serve the same purpose and save your money in amalgam.

    So, why don’t you give it a thought? We mean the used Maruti Suzuki Nexa cars.

    Buying used cars is a pretty much realistic decision. Before you take away a new Nexa car from any Nexa showroom, looking at the used cars is definitely a wise pick.

  5. The Test Drive: Always ask for a test drive. Don’t ever believe on the said words. Take a few rounds, check out the acceleration, brake gripping, parking ease, and the AC speed.

    Take a friend or relative along who has a sound knowledge in the automobile segment. He/she is the fittest person to give you the best comparison value. Make sure he/she helps you in collating your needs and budget alongside the car valuation.

  6. Avoid being impulsive: We understand buying a vehicle gives a good jerk to your emotions. Here you need to restrain a bit. All we are recommending is have a little bit control over your emotions.

    Don’t commence impulsive purchase. After you purchase a car, there is no point of rubbing your head. Salespeople will push for the add-ons, don’t fall in such traps. Else, it will burn a bigger hole in your pocket.

Take the best foot forward while purchasing a car. Many things can happen with a little ignorance. The car might not meet the expectation performance-wise. The features might not be the best suitable ones.

Do a bit groundwork, search on the net, review the car insurance and the financing. This way you can not only be a smart car buyer but also the car will fulfil many years of drive successfully.

To buy Nexa cars in Ranchi visit the only an authorized dealer.

Click here to book a test drive.

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How Social Media Marketing Can Benefit the Automobile Dealership Business?

We can’t deny the importance of digital marketing in this era. Can we? Every small and big business is chasing after securing the top slot of the digital game. Automobile dealers are no beyond. Search engine optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Whatsapp marketing, Email marketing- Digital marketing platform is a wide landscape for any business to get noticed by a wider audience. Nexa Premsons is one leading Nexa car showroom in Ranchi which leads the pack.

Speaking about social media marketing, we are one of the top-rank holding car dealers in Ranchi which knows how to be the boss across several Social media platforms.

When it comes to a car showroom, people stereo-typically think they just promote special offers and greetings wide across the potential buyers. Which is true; but not totally. Let’s discover what’s this race all about.

The strategy is the key

There are a plethora of ways to hit the height of this online brand show. This Nexa car showroom in Ranchi is run by on-the-ball strategies. Hiring a wide-awake digital agency is the safest haven to hold the top spot. It’s highly recommended to have your ‘agency choice’ on the top of the priority list. Because this is the golden egg you have to hatch. But before selecting the one you must know what you are exactly expecting from your agency. Also, make sure your agency understands your core proposition behind the promotion.

This will sum up your journey from a newbie to a “digitally acclaimed” one.

The research represents the competitiveness

A little groundwork about the other leading online brands can only get you a proper understanding of the trend. It can give you the notion of the high and the low points of the existing brands. This is a cheat sheet to climb on the quick success ladder. Having counted in top car dealers in Ranchi how can we skip this block? In order to lock a higher sale rate, keeping track of the trend is of substance.

Let’s talk business

Starting from an uber responsive business website to a full-fledged social media crowd puller, when it comes to winning a higher sales volume employing social media platforms Nexa Premsons is the only Nexa showroom in Ranchi which has active social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Facebook– Facebook is the one rich public platform that has the highest potential customer visit. Lately, it has developed into the biggest lead generating platform for every small and big business. You can easily highlight your service and offerings and specify the region for showcasing as well. Regular posting on social media platforms results in acquiring a higher audience pull. Creating polls, running o cab engagement campaigns or contents are the established method to earn overnight fan following on Facebook.

Twitter- This business platform with limited content posting offerings. This is one major tool to expand your influence. This platform is all about reaching to people who matter to you the most. Choosing the right hashtag, right person, and the right geographical area will keep the ball rolling. A strong call to action does the rest. This platform has active users of 67% (approx) are willing to buy your product.
A combination of organic and paid reach will grab the sweet spot.  

Instagram- Instagram eats, sleeps, breathes image and so do the visitors. This is the right platform to showcase photos, videos, stories of your brand. Instagrammers have a common trend to connect with the brands immediately. The more audience soaks up the higher you build the community. For showcasing offers and discounts this is the most suitable social media platform where people hook with just a log or punchline.

Wondering to buy Nexa cars at the best price?

Visit our showroom before the festive season ends. You can avail attractive  discounts on booking of Nexa cars and many more.
(Offer valid till limited period of time.)

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How these coolest car offers make you the ultimate gainer in this festive season?

Festivals and offers are just like the inseparable twins. Durga Puja, Navratri, Diwali, Dhanteras- this is the season car buyers across the nation wait eagerly for.  On the contrary, both the car manufacturer and the dealer cash this season, riding on discounts and offers. Here’s what the leading Nexa showroom in Ranchi offers in this festive season 2018:

Car sales across Indian cities touch a new height in every festive season. Let’s check out the special car offer in Ranchi for this festive which can help in bringing your dream car home with bigger savings.

Nexa Premsons is one award-winning Nexa showroom in Ranchi which comes along with a wide range of festive offers on your favorite Nexa cars which are exceptionally class apart. Have a look:

  1. Roll the ball with Baleno:  Both the diesel and petrol variants of Baleno have an exchange discount of Rs.15,000. On booking, you get an additional discount of Rs. 8000. An extra rebate of Rs.5000, you can get as an ISL offer.  Now, it comes to a total of Rs. 28,000.
  2. Pizzazz with Ciaz: One thing is for sure, offer that you get at Nexa Premsons is uber special car offer in Ranchi. This festive season your favorite sedan Ciaz also comes at a cheaper price. First of all, there is a booking discount of Rs. 8000 on every Nexa car that you purchase; mark it bold. There is an exchange offer worth Rs. 50,000 and a minimum ISL offer of Rs. 10,000. There are other offers too! Want to know? Visit us.
  3. Instant fun with Ignis: This small hatchback of Nexa comes along with a giant offer price. You can get Rs. 25,000 on the exchange. Yes, you have seen it absolutely right. Also, get a whopping Rs. 15,000 off as consumer discount. For more offers and discounts like these, there’s one Nexa showroom in Ranchi to visit- one and only Nexa Premsons.
  4. A family size biggie: Time to call the elephant in the room.It’s time for the SUV. What if you buy an S-Cross? S-Cross also gets cheaper price tag too up to Dhanteras. At Nexa Premsons, you will get the best S-Cross price in Ranchi.

Our customers are habituated with some extra cheese and loaded toppings. Now, you must be thinking what festive offers have been attached to this muscular SUV?

Let’s spill the bean, S-Cross comes with an exchange offer of Rs. 15000, minimum ISL offer worth Rs. 7000 and the best of all is you can save up to Rs. 22,000

Woohoo!! Now that’s what we call ‘Festive Offers’. Offers should be king size, else those are not offers.

What we promise, that we deliver.

For more details about offers and discounts call us.

Choose the right car with the right offer. Celebrate this festive in style.

For more details about our Nexa monsoon offers, click here.

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2018 Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Facelift

2018 Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Facelift: Why it beats the rivals?

There are cars and then there are special cars. After quite a long time, Maruti Suzuki has relased a very special car, a true inspiration. The new Nexa Ciaz is beautiful, it’s a great performer and last but not the least, it’s extremely charming and elegant. A true delight for car lovers, this new avatar of the Nexa Ciaz is simply irresistible. In this detailed review, we will tell you about its new design, its new features, its new engine and more. So get ready to find out why the 2018 Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Facelift simply outperforms its rivals.

For those who seek new, created to inspire – The 2018 Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Facelift

For all of you out there, who love experimenting, the sharpness of the Ciaz 2018 will simply blow your mind. The elegant front grille with chrome accents gives it a very sharp look, which is perfectly complemented by the LED projector autoheadlamps. These headlamps were never seen before in this segment, so it’s a significant fast in the 2018 Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Facelift. These LED DRLs gives the all-new Ciaz a cool “look me in the eye” attitude, which adds on to the style quotient.

Next are the alloy wheels, which are a class apart. The 12 spoke machined alloy wheels come with a gorgeous metallic grey finish. It is chic and contemporary, perfectly aligned with your style.

Why the 2018 Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Facelift beats its rivals by a mile?

When the Maruti Ciaz first came into the market, it dominated the sedan segment and quickly became everyone’s favourite. It is worth mentioning here that the market previously was dominated by Honda City and the car didn’t have a true challenger.  But in the year of 2014, Ciaz came with a bang and till date, 2.2 lakh units were sold by Maruti Suzuki. There were many competitors like Hyundai Verna, Skoda rapid and Volkswagen Vento, but nothing could come near the sales figures of the Ciaz.

Performance Matters

When compared with the Toyota Yaris, the Ciaz looks much better with its sharp styling and premium looks. Next up is the glamorous Hyundai Verna and its signature cascading grille gives it a very bold look. However, the Ciaz facelift beats its rivals comprehensively in the performance department. The 1.5-litre K-Series petrol engine is perhaps the biggest update. This engine can consume 13% more power, thereby significantly boosting the performance.

The Price Factor

Now the price aspect can’t be ignored, while buying a car and you should do your comparison really well. The on-road price of the Toyota Yaris indicated that it is a bit on the costlier side. Along with the Verna, the Ciaz comes under the same price range. It is packed with amazing features, but it is not extremely expensive. As far as on-paper analysis is concerned, new Ciaz is a clear winner.

Final Verdict

Extremely fuel-efficient, loaded with premium features and very spacious, the 2018 Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Facelift is the car you should own this year. Created to inspire, this is the car which is destined to rule the market in the days to come.

So, now that you have all the information that you need. Get your all new Ciaz from Nexa Premsons today, call us now: 09608800400.

book the new ciaz facelift

5 Key Changes In The 2018 Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Facelift

Ciaz is getting a makeover in 2018 and the facelift will be unveiled by mid-august. This particular Nexa variant didn’t receive any update for four years and it’s the perfect time to treat the loyal fans who were waiting for it. The festive season is just around the corner and there is no better time to own it. The all-new Ciaz will exhibit some noticeable cosmetic changes along with updated features. So will you book the new ciaz facelift this August? To know more about the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz facelift, read on.

When will be the Maruti Suzuki Nexa Ciaz facelift launched?

Only a few things were revealed in the video teaser of the facelifted Ciaz, but it showed a glimpse of what lies in store for the Nexa enthusiasts. The car was not shown completely, but a few key elements were highlighted like the honeycomb grille, the stylish LED headlamps and the stunning tail lamps. So for all of you wondering about the maruti ciaz facelift launch date, the bookings are now open.

How to book the new Ciaz facelift?

You can book your new Ciaz from Nexa Premsons at just Rs 11,000. With numerous aesthetic and mechanical changes, the car will be launched on 20th August 2018. Total value for money, the new Nexa Ciaz will be your perfect companion on the road.

The New Nexa Ciaz – 5 Key Changes in 2018

Created to inspire performance, luxury, and comfort, this sedan has a lot to offer. The new headlamps look absolutely stunning and the LED tail lamps have a gorgeous look attached to it. So here’s a quick look at the top 5 changes that the new Ciaz will feature.

  1. Smarter looks: New headlamps with DRLs will be seen in the Ciaz facelift. Instead of chrome, the black element is used, which makes it look more stylish and sporty.
  2. Front bumper: The front bumper is completely revamped and it now features new chrome surrounds, around the fog lamps, both at the front and the rear.
  3. Engine: An upgraded 1.5L petrol engine instead of the previous 1.4L one. This is a big change and the 1.5L K-Series petrol motor is optimized for 104bhp and 130 NM peak torque.
  4. Smart hybrid technology: The fuel efficiency will be optimized by the mild hybrid system and 4-speed automatic transmission will be offered on the ciaz petrol variant. In the 1.3L diesel variant, the smart hybrid technology was already there, now it is available with the petrol variant as well.
  5. Better safety equipment – This is a true all-rounder in the sense that Maruti Suzuki has not compromised in any department. Better safety is a feature that most car buyers look for and the new Ciaz delivers good on this department.

The battle for the compact sedan segment is sure to heat up now and the Ciaz is all set to be a top-runner.

So what are you waiting for? Pre-book the new Ciaz today and get ready to own an amazing car which is not only stylish and sporty but also high on performance.

Call us now: 09608800400 and book the new ciaz facelift at just Rs 11,000.

For more details on the offers, booking dates and special announcements, follow our Facebook Page.

Remove term: Nexa Monsoon Offers Nexa Monsoon Offers

Nexa Monsoon Offers: Want to buy a Nexa car this August?

There are a lot of things, which go through our mind while buying a new car. It is a significant step and the small things matter a lot. Maruti Nexa took the market by storm and it uplifted the entire car buying experience to a whole new level. There are a lot of dealers in Ranchi, but Nexa Premsons gives you an unmatched showroom experience, which can’t be found anywhere. Friendly staff, great offers, and unparalleled service; we are trusted by thousands of car buyers in Ranchi. Want to know more about Nexa monsoon offers? Read on to find out.

Confused about choosing the right dealer? Go the Nexa Premsons way

We agree that choosing the right dealer can be a daunting task, but we are here to help you in this aspect. It is quite easy to fall prey to the numerous temptations available in the market, as all dealers are trying to win the competition.

When you choose the best nexa dealer in ranchi, you are sure to get a best-in-class experience. Our experienced store managers will guide you through the process of selecting the best car as per your budget. Buying your dream car is a whole lot easier when you come to the best nexa showroom in ranchi.

Why you should definitely buy a Nexa car this August?

The Indian car buyer has grown over the years and their needs have changed drastically. When they search for a particular term like “ciaz on road price in Ranchi”, they look for the right information and that too from the right dealer. Nexa addresses the changing needs of the modern customer and this is why it is immensely popular.

The new age customer has three qualities, they travel frequently, they have tested many cars and most importantly, they are digitally savvy. Get the best Nexa monsoon offers from Nexa Premsons and experience a different kind of car buying experience.

Check out our Nexa Monsoon Offers:

In August, get amazing offers on Ignis and Ciaz. On the Ciaz (D) model, you can get a total offer of Rs 1,35,000*, while on the Ciaz (P) model, the total benefit is Rs 1,05, 000.

Saving matrix

As you can see in the saving matrix above, there are a lot of offers to take advantage of. Buying your favorite Nexa car is well within your reach now. Come to our showrooms and get great benefits this August.

If you are searching for the right dealer to buy ciaz car in Ranchi, look no further than Nexa Premsons. From retail support to consumer offer and the lucrative exchange offer, we give you a complete package. However, please note that an additional retail offer of Rs 25,000 is valid only for retail of Ciaz in the period 1st -10th August 2018. Moreover, for the people looking to buy Ignis car in Ranchi, the offers are simply brilliant.

Make the right move today

Compare the offers, learn more about the cars and make your choice smartly. Nexa Premsons is here to make you a happy car owner.

For more details about our Nexa monsoon offers, click here.

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Nexa car showroom in Ranchi

How Video Marketing Helped Nexa Premsons Win Social Media?

Social media presence has become so important for every small and big business existing and automobile industry is no exception. Brands have taken social media marketing to a different height, which is far beyond from just content posting. Here are the reasons why the best Nexa car showroom in Ranchi is so popular on social media platforms.

We are in the line with the new marketing tactics where we have reached far ahead of so called sales promotion. There’s no secret that social media platforms have become the society’s biggest forms of communication to reach wider audience.

Let’s check out why people have found us as the best car showroom in Ranchi to interact and engage with on social media.

We are far ahead of that static content and image posting! Then what is the reason behind our dominating position across several social media platforms?

There are more innovative and influential ways to build relationship and to connect with the audience. We are just employing those strategies – it’s that simple actually.

We give the bigger emphasis on visual content and video content for bigger audience engagement.

Let’s talk about Facebook videos –

Our research team designated to track the latest social media updates have come up with the revelation that video content has bigger popularity than all other forms of contents and it keeps the audience engaged for a long period of time.

Video content incites instantaneous reaction and it’s instrumental in increasing the overall brand image. As a leading Nexa car showroom in Ranchi we are also following the trend.

Creating videos is the easiest strategy to highlight the offerings and the services of the auto shop. Whenever people find something excited they just share it.

Sharing a video content from the trusted sources immediately gets it a wider circulation. Our videos are getting a bigger audience response from the car enthusiasts and the potential target audience.

From sharing videos about car specifications to highlighting special offers of the month, videos have a special offer.

It’s only people who have made us the best car showroom in Ranchi and social media stars based on the videos and engaging posts that we share.

We have recently shared one live video, where our team got interviewed and found that this video has received 3X user engagement than the rest.

So, yes, visual content has received a mainstream status in the recent times. Forget the views, likes, shares – building relationship with the customers matters more than any marketing strategy.

(Also read Nexa car blog in Ranchi: (

Not always making video is an expensive affair, if you have time and resources you can make it your own. If your audience finds interest in your video, they will automatically share it.

Because maximum numbers of the videos are shared from the trusted sources. For original content, live videos are the best way to grab an instant response.

Want to buy Nexa car in Ranchi? Visit us now.

Thanks for reading the article ❤

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Nexa showroom in Ranchi

How to take care of your car in this monsoon? [A Detailed Guide]

Are you worried of your car performance in this monsoon? It’s better to have some essential tips on protecting your car health from the best Nexa showroom in Ranchi.

Monsoon is the time, when the parched livelihood gets back its lifeline. Since, monsoon hits across many states in the country, roads tend to get even more treacherous with the downpour.

Waterlogging is one common tale among the Indian roads. So, does it mean you should stop driving in the rainy seasons and wait till season goes way? No way.

To save your car health from rain here’s some important tips and tricks, employing which you can easily take care of your car in this monsoon.

The experts of Nexa showroom in Ranchi wants to reveal the myth; monsoon car care is no big deal actually.

Let’s check out how you can protect car in rainy season –

Here is the list of parts of your car that needs special attention in this monsoon.

  • Tyres
  • Brakes
  • Body
  • Wipers & Washer
  • Electricals
  • Interiors

Now, being a recognized Nexa dealer in Ranchi, we always recommend our buyers to get prepared in advance as you can’t expect Indian roads to act stable during the rains.

It’s a fact, that driving car in the rains is trickier due to poor visibility, slippery road surface, slack in the braking system, mud corrosion under the car, damage caused by the jerks due to potholes etc. etc.

Let’s have a look at the preventive measures before hitting the roads now –

  • Make sure your tires are in good condition before the arrival of the monsoon.
  • Have a look at the tread depth closely, whether it can sustain the slippery surface and the edges after waterfall.
  • Check out the air pressure inside your tyres before better driving comfort.
  • Rain makes the wipers work the most. Make the wipers proper functioning before the monsoon begins. Keep the wiper washer bottle filled with mild detergent to keep the windshield glass clear.
  • Brakes might betray in the monsoon. Check your brake fluid level, brake pads, and brake lines; make sure that there is no air/water.
  • Get your car battery checked. To set the terminals free from the moist, apply a coat of petroleum jelly.
  • Car body gets damaged easily due to rain shower. Do a proper body quoting with wax polish. Remember- body quoting of the car includes – coating under body, anti-rust coating, and a paint/pro-active coating in combined.
  • Fix all the electrical issues of the car before the rainy season. Check if the external wire is properly cloistered. It’s always better to carry some extra fuses in the monsoon.
  • Check whether all the lights are working absolutely fine.
  • Keep your car windows fungus-free.
  • Car interiors such as- carpets, flooring, and the cabin area often get drenched due to heavy water flows. Keep an additional set of mats to soak the moist off.
  • Try to use fabric mats, instead of rubber mats.
  • To stop bad odor inside the car clean your car with vacuum cleaner, and use some good car fragrance available in the market.

So, are you a Nexa car owner in Ranchi? Get your car servicing done before the monsoon only from the authorized Nexa Car Showroom in Ranchi.

For advanced Nexa car accessories for rainy season visit the best Nexa dealer in Ranchi.

We wish you a safe drive!

Thanks for reading the article ❤

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best car showroom in Ranchi

3 Simple Ways to Find the Best Car Showroom in Ranchi

25% more money against a used car! Choosing the best car showroom in Ranchi to sell your old car can be tricky, but we will answer all your questions in this blog.

Really, it’s that simple.

We all have our emotions attached with the first vehicle that we buy. But with the growing age the same used vehicle starts giving dire straits. There are multiple car dealers in Ranchi, which provides the facility of exchanging a used car.

Certainly, there has to be a best amongst them. Let’s give out the address of the best car showroom in Ranchi, which has emerged as a popular place for selling used cars in Ranchi.

This is where you can easily buy and sell your cars in Ranchi city.

Nexa Premsons is the best car showroom in Ranchi, which has been the ALPHA band owner since last two consecutive years. This is also the most awarded Nexa car showroom in Ranchi.

From institutional authorities to the healthcare industry, the successful clientele of Nexa Premsons is indeed wide spread. From new car offers in Ranchi to selling used cars, this is the best car showroom in Ranchi which has become the popular choice.

Here are the top 3 reason behind the soaring popularity of Nexa Premsons:

Affordable car showroom in Ranchi: To buy Nexa and Maruti Suzuki  cars, Ranchi people only trust Nexa Premsons. This is the only Nexa car showroom in Ranchi where people get cheap and best deals on their favourite automobile brand.

This is the only car dealer in Ranchi, where customers are not being judged based on their socio-economic backdrop. Even if they visit and don’t buy, these people maintain a long-term relationship.

Best car offers in Ranchi: Even on the arrival of any new car, buyers can obtain a healthy amount of discount on them here as well.

No other car dealers in Ranchi can ever provide this much attractive offers on best-selling Nexa cars.

This is also an ideal place to get the best price against your used cars in Ranchi.

On-time deliverance: Come what it may, Nexa Premsons deliver cars at the time they promise. This is another good reason where they mark themselves amongst the top 100 car dealers in Ranchi.

It won’t be over stated if we say that you can expect your car to be delivered within just 24 hours.

Do you have one used car? Do want a good price against it? Want to sell cars in Ranchi? Visit us now.

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